Sold direct for older API modules only.

Sold direct for older API modules only.


  • Low noise
  • High output power
  • Low distortion
  • Wide power bandwidth
  • Standard footprint
  • Stable operation
  • Electrostatically shielded
  • Operation under wide voltage range

Please note: Only install the 1122 opamp in units that were known to be working, such as older API modules. You may permanently damage the op-amp if the pins you’re plugging them have not been tested.

The 1122 is the same size as older API 2520 opamps and were originally designed to take their place for use in eq modules or consoles of that era. Newer 2520’s are slightly smaller and in some places the 1122 will not fit.

Sold Direct Only.  Paypal is accepted.

1122 Discrete Op-Amp

The 1122 is a high performance direct coupled operational amplifier designed specifically for professional audio amplifier applications, which include:

  • Microphone preamplifier where source impedance is between 7k ohm- 20k ohm for noise index below 1 dB
  • Line output amplifier for driving up to loads of 75 ohm
  • Active filters (equalizer circuits)
  • Summing amplifier


Do you sell 1122 Opamps for DIY projects or personal use?

Unfortunately, we do not sell the 1122 opamp for DIY projects as we are no longer selling the 1122 opamp for any use other than for older API modules.