About Us

Avedis Audio Electronics designs and manufactures professional audio and recording equipment. The small enterprise started as a venture designated to the repair and modification of high-end American and English outboard and modular gear for professional sound studios. The growing need for specialists with the advanced knowledge to repair and modify older analog equipment quickly led to products of its own with a good foundation in discrete analog transformer-coupled designs, starting with the flagship product, the 1122 operational amplifier. Research and development in obtaining the most musical sound through good design is an ongoing process and our passion for audio.

Continuous Improvement and Responsibility

Avedis Audio Electronics is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.
AES is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. It serves its members, the industry and the public by stimulating and facilitating advances in the constantly changing field of audio.

We promote and maintain a recycling program in all stages of manufacturing, ensuring the reduction of waste of all paper, containers, plastics, metals, and electronics. Shipping cartons we receive, as well as the paper and bubble wrap, is recycled or reused whenever possible.